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"…So There exists this type of mechanism. A system which might be opened only by someone that has conquered Ice and Snow Cavern huh."

The standing silhouette――Hajime rotated just a little toward that voice which termed his name.

『Newest technique――”Spreading the mental agony of the leading human body by generating the clone depressed”』

Kaori basically conveyed that she was at his facet even though chuckling. The words that arrived from her own practical experience had been hefty. During the times when Hajime was gone, Kaori didn't break even then was because her ally nestled near at her facet via all that time for her. Which was why, the sensation of 'I far too determine what you're feeling' was In a natural way conveyed to Hajime from her.

Hajime crouched down before the mineral that sealed Yue prior to, the mineral which had the assets where it had been challenging for magic ability to move in it. He lifted his hand whilst addressing Kaori.

Kousuke and Other people turned their gazes towards Hinata in astonishment. She as well was definitely shaken up――

"Halt it with that Significantly. Seeing it is actually enjoyable, but at this time You can find not really Significantly time. I will enter the workshop before long. My negative but I will get my food over there."

The initial summoner on the “3-tailed spirit fox”, a man at his prime of life was shaken「My binding is stolen!

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"This kind of issue…if I is usually helpful to suit your needs even only for a little, then there's nothing happier for me. Irrespective of whether It can be for returning your kindness, and also for a spouse supporting her husband…"

Kaori's magic power began to interfere With all the time with the surrounding, her extensive silver hair which was dancing gently was gradually modifying into gentle motion. Somehow, it appeared like the whole workshop was growing uninteresting in color.

“Ushiki” managed to evade the clones and closed in at Fukube was absolutely a blunder in the lord. In the point of view of Fukube who Nearly acquired was minced meat, it was only organic for him to want to give 1 read more info or 2 reprimands.

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Mist was shaped about Hinata. Water vapor that emitted ominous aura enveloped Hinata and co. Fukube felt like he was gonna slide on his knees with the unexpected superior fever and fierce lethargy that assaulted him, when Kousuke was giving out a listless 「Nnaa~」 agonized voice (?)――

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